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Sewer System Services

Professional Sewer System Services

When it comes to your sewer systems, you need to ensure that it is working to its optimal condition. Debris and tree roots can grow into your sewer system, causing damage to your plumbing. At Empire Drain Co, we provide residential and commercial property owners with the highest quality of sewer system backup services.


From pipe repairs to complete repiping, you can count on our team to quickly and efficiently fix your sewer system backup problems. Call (425) 444-5285 to book your appointment with our experienced team. 

  • The water from your toilet, shower, or sink does not go down the drain. 

  • You have multiple draining issues and backups. 

  • You have odors coming from your drains or outside your property. 

  • There are sounds of gurgling that come from your drains or toilet.

  • Water flooding in your basement floor. 

Let our plumbers help you save time and money. When you see these signs, don't hesitate to give our plumbers a call. We have all the tools and equipment necessary to ensure your sewer system is working correctly.

Signs You Have a Backup Sewer System

Many signs indicate that your sewer system is backed up, and when this happens, you must seek an expert's advice.

Sewer System Intruded By Tree Roots

More often than not, tree roots can intrude on your sewer system and can cause costly damages. At Empire Drain Co, we understand that tree roots can grow into small holes, cracks, and any pipe separation. When this happens, water can cause the roots to grow larger, and it can potentially clog your whole sewer system.


Our knowledgeable team can help by conducting a thorough inspection and repairs to ensure tree roots do not intrude on your sewer system. Call (425) 444-5285 to schedule an appointment. 

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